Writing Services

The Humanistic Group provides expert writing services to its clients. We focus on goals and creativity to motivate the audience to act.


We provide the writing that sells the product or service you are looking to achieve. Our marketing focuses on your brand strategy, campaign strategies, company identity and creative development. We research the competition and juxtapose your strengths to meet the public demand.


Our creative writing copy increases brand awareness and works to create more sales. We work with websites, print ads and catalogs. We research key word content, create viable content and proofread for accuracy and professionalism.We know our audiences, talk about the benefits of your products or services, start with a bang, use clear personal language and end with a call to action. Our services provide you with the satisfaction that you will be noticed and that your key objective of increased sales are met.

Resume Writing

We help you create order by providing you with a professional summary, work study and education to enhance your availability. Used in conjunction with our career services and coaching we identify your areas of strengths and highlight possible strategies to position yourself in a place of the best place to succeed.

Contract Writing and Interpretation

The Humanistic Group will write contracts for your business for attorney approval for vendors, contractors, procurement services. We also interpret contracts to see if they meet client needs. Our contract services are in place to provide you the peace of mind that comes with relationship building with others through formal language and interpretations. We look to reduce your liability as a business owner and set in motion a pathway towards success in business writing and assessment.