“I found Mark to be a seasoned professional coach. With his extensive human resource background and amazing ability to listen and redirect he really helped me see more clarity in my career choices. I highly recommend Mark as a coach that really cares!”

– RD, California


“Mark did an incredible job putting together the elements of an HR Department at my office. He brought me the policies and procedures, assessed my staff, did performance measurements, gave me supervisory consultation, and made it all seem effortless and seamless. I would highly recommend Mark for any HR project you may have!”

– JM, Maryland


“What can I say?, Mark gave me some much-needed HR consulting on how to run my staffing needs. He helped me hire, gave me advice on employment contracts, assessed my staff, developed policies and procedures, and analyzed my needs. Mark was a great help, on a subject I knew little about. I feel more secure knowing Mark put all the pieces in place so that I now function on a higher level!”

– MW, Maryland


“When I needed hiring advice I was amazed at the amount of knowledge and depth of understanding Mark had in HR. I had some problems with employees who were acting out and always had employees coming and going. Mark put a stop to all of that and formalized my processes and even took the time to train me on them. I now feel better equipped to work with my employees, Mark is a poised, creative, analytical and big picture consultant. I highly recommend him!”

– CO, New Jersey