Teaching English as a Foreign Language

One of the aspects that have stayed with me my whole life is learning from different cultures.  I enjoy speaking foreign languages and helping people speak English.  To that end, I became TEFL certified by one of the leading agencies in the world, Premier TEFL in Cork, Ireland.  I have the foundations and business acumen to help foreigners speak English.  As a native speaker of American English, the most sought-after dialect, for over 50 years and has a Bachelors’s Degree in English, it has really centered my mind on helping people around the world through the maze of the English language.

With 20 years in corporate and entrepreneurial business, I teach business people who are working on visas to enter the country, business people who need to negotiate, bargain, read contracts and sell in English, or who work for international firms that expect fluency in English, tech staff, sales, call center staff from around the globe, adult learners who are trying to learn English for comprehension for their personal lives and for making new friends.

I work online to teach vocabulary, common dialogue, grammar, pronunciation, reading, writing, and speaking English.  I teach beginners, intermediates and advanced English speakers to polish their language skills.

My work is mainly online with businesses, executive staff, and employees as well as adult learners from the comfort of their office or their home.  I am open to teaching contracts in Europe and China to teach in person at international schools and firms for your employees.

Please feel free to contact me in learning English.  I am a patient, careful, accurate, warm, communicative, and a guiding hand in your journey to fluency.  My lesson plans focus on speaking first and foremost and then delves into reading and writing.  I am available once a week to connect or more if your situation merits it.