Organizational Development and Change

The Humanistic Group offers real opportunities to embrace the change of your organization head-on.  We belong to the OD Network, the largest membership of Organizational Development professionals in the US.

Our services focus on the business climate, culture and organizational strategies to get you to where you want to be.  We allow employees to function as workers in a stress-free environment.  We seek out your full potential.  The organizations’ goals are met.  We look for challenging work.  We provide the best avenues for employee and leadership success.  We see everyone in a humanistic way, teasing out their unique talents and focusing on complex needs.

We uncover the underlying causes of performance obstacles and empowers leaders to drive change through the lens of organizational culture, leadership development, and people strategy.  Our strategies build trust in the organization.  We seek employee involvement and to confront problems instead of ignoring them.  We manage conflict around change and seek cooperation in our efforts.  We problem-solve and put the right pieces in place to make the organization function in harmony.

We focus on organizational culture and change, leadership development, and people strategy.  We are a change agent. We understand that no two organizations are alike so we look for transformational change through the unique drivers of each organization.  We survey key stakeholders and dialogue with them on what has worked and what needs improvement.  We design a plan that focuses on the dynamic change points in the organization for maximum results.  Interventions are created to alter the direction of the organization.  We then reassess the organization to provide meaningful, measurable success targets.

We focus on human behavior and intervention techniques that align with organizational mission and vision.  We use the scientific method of inquiry to get to the root causes.  We change teams around to build better chemistry and comradery.  We seek employee control of part of their work to create buy-in and identity to the change that is happening.  We gather evidence, provide input, and work with our clients to create meaningful outputs that steer the organization through the choppy waters of change to smoother horizons.

The Humanistic Group has the expertise and the knowledge to help you manage change and create new expectations that are both embraced and stress-free.