Holistic Life Coaching

We are proud to offer our holistic life coaching services to the general public.  We have specialized holistic life coaching training to broaden your horizons, get you unstuck, get you through traumatic events, set goals, and a vision for yourself in which to implement.  Through the holistic approach, we look at the whole person and for root causes.  We add a spiritual dimension of the universe or a higher power.

We belong to the ICF (The International Coaching Federation), the largest coaching membership in the world.  We focus on: career transitions, big decisions to make, professional, financial, physical, spiritual, social support, intimacy, family, learning, growth, home, office, play/fun, health, relationships, deep conversation to get at your core, and much more.

Using the Humanistic and Positive psychology precepts we work to unravel your problem in a step by step basis.  We offer assessments to find out who you are now, your traits, your inclinations, and what you stand for to gauge the baseline.  Then we broaden out to probe with questions about your situation and present alternatives to you, which you may not have been made aware of.

Holistic Life coaching sets purpose in your goals, offers hope, maps out your future, allows you to move around roadblocks in your life, frees yourself from emotional and mental baggage that may have weighed you down your entire life, and provides a springboard to try new things to get you out of your comfort zone.

We see people in life transitions looking to unclutter their lives and create meaningful change.  We become accountability partners that allow you to bounce off ideas that may have been simmering in your head and express them through your heart.  We see each of our clients as unique beings, as part of our collective humanity, who want to free themselves from the constraints that society, family, work put on them, and push forward in hope and purpose.

The Humanistic Group sees a Socratic value of teaching in everyone, as educators that allow the client to elicit their new reality from the inside.  We value each client and look forward to getting to know you and walking your life’s journey with you.