Leadership Consulting, Coaching, Training, and Education

The Humanistic Group believes that the skill of leadership can be taught to anyone willing to take the time and learn the concepts and be inspired by leaders who helped change themselves, their organizations, and the world.

In a Forbes 2018 article of leadership, they share 8 principals leaders have that others do not. They include Sincere Enthusiasm, Integrity, Great Communication Skills, Loyalty, Decisiveness, Managerial Competence, Empowerment, and Charisma. Leaders the world over have modeled their successes on these precepts for centuries. From Alexander the Great to Abraham Lincoln, FDR, Eleanor Roosevelt, Dr. King, Gandhi, Gloria Steinam, Nancy Pelosi, and Churchill leadership arises in times of crisis. How you face the times of crisis will make or break you as a leader.

A good leader seeks maximum impact, values employees, knows his or her strengths and weaknesses, is resilient and thinks outside the box. Leaders motivate teams, offer up good decisions, motivate people, seek key performance management goals, and have good IT skills to move the organization forward. They lead by example and would never do anything they wouldn’t ask their staff to do as well.

Leaders model the way forward, model a shared vision, are inspirational, challenge the process, enable others to act, encourage the heart, establish safety and trust, build relationships, put others first, find out personal things about people to build trust, speak last after listening.

Positive leaders must be adept at many skill sets which include: forming vision/mission strategies, becoming thought leaders, become forward-thinking, adept at managing and developing systems, setting expectations with the team, delegating, communicating, making decisive and sound decisions, have an ability to influence, provide and seek feedback, build teams, attract talent, develop their people, grow careers, building and maintaining relationships, be politically savvy, creating meaning and purpose, answering the “why.”

We offer leadership coaching and leadership training for both clients and organizations. Our mission is simple. We want to make the world a better place where the current and future generations make the right decision based upon the current knowledge to lead their teams to success.

Let us change you and your organization into the leaders you are to become. We offer leadership training sessions with corporations and one on one coaching with executives, managers, and supervisors and employees with promise. Our goal is to build off strengths and problem-solve to establish a work/life balance.