Executive Coaching

The Humanistic Group has expertise in Executive Coaching for organization executives, managers, and employees that want to be managers.  We also do coaching with small businesses, entrepreneurs, and start-ups who want to make their mark on the world but often do not know where to start or how to achieve success.

We specialize in niche coaching for nonprofit organizations, healthcare organizations, colleges and universities, and small businesses.

We belong to the ICF (International Coaching Federation), the gold standard of coaching in the world.

Based on the humanistic psychology and teachings of positive psychology, we look at each individual as a person with potential who may be stuck in a rut, confused as to what direction to take, frustrated on their executive skills or people who just need suggestions to implement.

Through our thorough assessment, we get to know each individual client personally and find out their strengths and weaknesses and what makes them tick.   We explore alternatives to the current situation, thinking outside the box and creating projects, activities, play, and goals for each.

Currently obtaining ICF coaching certificate training, the gold standard in the industry, we use our experience to understand how we can achieve our goals and be successful in each measurable venture we seek.

Executives are inundated with work, from leadership, employee, and outside vendors.  If you are asking the right questions you may be ready for our executive coaching program.  How do I become better at my job?  How do I maintain positive relationships? How do I navigate the politics of my organization?  How do I drive great results?  How do I inspire my staff?  How do I deal with crises in a more determined and efficient manner?  How do I improve on my weaknesses?  How do I put together a strategy to elicit my mission and vision in a way that makes sense?

The Humanistic Group seeks to empower the executive to take stock of his or her strengths and weaknesses, to empower them to implement bold ideas, stretch their comfort zone, and how they can be turned into strengths.  We are an ally, a coach, and a partner in your success.  If you are ready to transform your executive skills then contact us for a transformative experience.