Career Coaching

The Humanistic Group’s career coaching encompasses the whole scope of an individual’s career. From those just starting out on the journey to those headed toward retirement, our career coaching focuses on the essentials to make you succeed in today’s challenging market.

Our services include tests and assessments of a client’s interest areas, resume writing, cover letters, linked in profiles assistance, career coaching and focuses on what you are good at, what you can make money doing and what you are best at.

We focus on your strengths and weaknesses, and gaps in your resume and how to fill them. We will create action plans for you to do after each session to get you closer to your goals. We get you organized and focused on what is most important.

We do mock interviews and present material from the recruiter’s point of view so that you know what to expect. Our strategy is to get you best positioned to succeed.

In our initial session we perform a diagnostic of where you are to create a baseline of your strengths. We will use this diagnostic to assure we av re the best fit for you. We do two-hour sessions in our 10-hour package deals.

We are a guide and a mentor to you during the whole process. We make sure you are accountable for your actions.

Our coaching does not succeed unless you are willing to dig dep and do the work necessary. This is a collaborative process.

We will challenge your assumptions about yourself and your issues, we will be there to help re think your ideas and attitudes toward your c career.

We help you present the best case to decision makers about your skill set and develop objectives in collaboration to achieve results.

To get to know yourself better we will ask you to journal your thoughts and ideas between sessions. This form of self-inquiry will make a stronger case for you in the workplace as it defines who you are.

Through coaching we look at behavioral, psychological or emotional barriers to success

Career coaches do not help you find a job, rather enhance your knowledge base and skill set to get the job yourself.

You’ll gain confidence during the process and that will show in your attainment of your career objectives. We will also work on making you more assertive in your inquiries.

We work with you to collect feedback from family, friends and coworkers about your strengths and weaknesses to get a more well-rounded picture of where you are.

In the end, The Humanistic Group’s approach is to align your career objective with your value system and who you are to create the symmetry needed to succeed.

We look forward to partnering in your success!