About Mark Kines

Mark Kines
Founder & CEO, The Humanistic Group

(Updated 5/28/2023) Mark Kines, originally from Baltimore, MD, has a Masters Degree in Public Administration from Jesuit run Seattle University, was accepted into Tulane University’s Graduate School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine and has been also accepted into a Doctorate Program at Baylor University in Education. He has held an SPHR, the highest C Suite management certification for Human Resources from SHRM for over twenty years. He has a consultancy firm, The Humanistic Group and has multinational corporate, government, nonprofit, leadership, professional writing, property, and university experience. He has a keen interest in Spain, Portugal and South American culture, art and people, particularly Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Costa Rica. He is studying Spanish and Portuguese for fluency and has excelled, has set his sights on French and German next, and has travelled extensively across the globe for exploration and engagement with many cultures. He is a poet and a writer of novels and short fiction, with interests in Borges, Neruda, Paz, Llorca and Marti. He has lived in the Seattle, Washington area on and off for about thirty years, in Phoenix, Arizona and recently moved to Washington DC. His values include International Development, Public Policy, Democracy Projects, Urban Planning and Architecture, Artificial Intelligence Law and Abuses, Constitutional Law, Civil Rights Law, Nonviolent Activism, Minority Rights, Immigration Law, International Diplomacy, English Literature and University Education, and is considered an independent thinker. He is a supporter of the environment, creating solutions for homelessness, supports causes to eradicate poverty, focuses on vegetarianism for 30 years, and animal rights, particularly as it relates to respecting them as sentient beings. He is a Human Rights Activist in the emerging field of artificial intelligence and its implications for abuse, torture and slavery of people’s minds by governments, autocrats, criminals and cabals. He states that mind reading is here now, and here to stay as a scourge on civilization unless vanquished through advocacy and litigation. He is on the vanguard of this issue, one of the earliest known advocates against its use in the public or historical record. He affirms it will forever ruin people’s lives. He asks citizens of this great nation to engage their local politicians to ban it. He asserts it is inhumane, barbaric, cruel and brutal. His human rights activism is mainly to assure that future generations are not harmed or controlled by mass slavery or manipulation, using advanced artificial intelligence as its tool. He states that it’s being carried out on a small sample of individuals now, illegally by our US government for the past seven years. He asks people to imagine what society will look like in a generation when it will happen on a grand scale not only here, but spread like a cancer across the globe, and make life utterly unlivable for your future generations and your legacy. He advocates for civil society to establish ethics oversight and commissions to assure ongoing dialogue and eventual banning of the device as it breaks down communication, trust, engenders untold pain and suffering, devalues the human mind, creates new frontiers of ethical dilemmas, creates an artificial reality which is trauma based, brings forth ideas you are not totally human but part AI, allows for no rest or personal privacy and is inherently abusive. To be clear it’s reading your mind, controlling your mind, giving you thoughts not your own but theirs, speaking words not your own, entailing: pain, torture, suffering, trauma and abuse. He states families are currently torn apart, pitted against one another and that people on the street are now being asked to use it against their own as the program has become unclassified. It is inherently unconstitutional. Finally it creates a new 21st Century master and slave relationship that must be addressed through a revisit of the 13th amendment to the US Constitution, global and national litigation, the US Congress, the United Nations and the church, temple, synagogue and mosque. He states that supporters of these methods are on the wrong side of history and human thought. He sees it headed to the US Supreme Court as well as the International Court in The Hague to set global legal precedent. Strong national investigative journalism is needed now to uncover this illicit and inhumane activity. This anti-AI (artificial intelligence) mind reading and control movement against the state and its actors is strictly and plainly nonviolent, but very patriotic, in action. His heroes: Robert F Kennedy, Gandhi, MLK Jr, Mandela, Vaclev Havel, Lech Walesa, Cesar Chavez, George Washington, Robert Merton, Caesar Augustus, Alexander the Great, Galileo, Aung San Suu Kyi, Abraham Lincoln, the Suffragettes, Simon Bolivar, Chief Seattle, Mother Teresa, Churchill, John Lewis, John McCain, General Colin Powell, Jane Austin, Dolores Huerta, Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant, Jack Lemmon, Grace Kelly, Henry Winkler, Hugh Grant, Chris Eigeman, Tom Cruise, Rob Reiner, Aryton Senna, Ronaldo, Robert Lewandowski, Novak Djokovic, Simona Halep, a-ha, Style Council, Astrud Gilberto, Bjork, Jamariquai. Barcelona, the film, A Room With A View, the film are two of his favorites. He has a 29-year-old African grey parrot who occasionally swears and enjoys going to bookstores, universities, following national investigative journalists like Heidi Przbyla of Politico, Liliana Seguro and James Risen of The Intercept, Chris Hayes and Ali Vitali of MSNBC, and publications and organizations like the Nation, Democracy Now, the ACLU, Amnesty International, Center for Constitutional Rights, Politico, Pro Publica, RFK Center for Human Rights, American history (particularly our founding fathers), dark roast coffee any time of day, international culture and politics and dialogue, UNESCO World Heritage work, archeology, traveling to far flung places around the world, baseball, tennis, driving classic British, German and Italian sports cars, going to ethnic restaurants, national parks, and the cinema which take up the lion share of his free time. His dream is to own a successful bookstore cafe where the general public, including artists, small business owners, students, human rights activists, intellectuals, lawyers, politicians, teachers, scientists and journalists can congregate and form opinions and dialogue to transform the community globally in the US, Spain, Portugal or South America, become a part time university professor in academia, run his own charitable philanthropy for homeless veterans, animal rights and literacy, and own a small publishing firm for international poetry and human rights advocacy.