About Mark Kines

Mark Kines
Founder & CEO, The Humanistic Group

Born in Baltimore, MD, I currently live in Friday Harbor, Washington, on San Juan Island with Kasia my partner, our Siamese cat and African Grey Parrot. We like to hike and e-bike the surroundings and enjoy nature.

My business background includes work at El Centro de la Raza, a civil rights organization, The University of Washington, and The Boeing Company.

I have memberships in SHRM, OD Network, and the ICF Federation.  I earned my Master’s degree in Public Administration from Seattle University.  I earned my BA from Towson University in English Literature.   I own The Humanistic Group and look to reach thousands of people to change their lives for the better.

On my own time, I volunteer and support the Island Haven Animal Sanctuary on San Juan Island, caring for elderly and abused horses. My interests include world literature, German Expressionist Art and Bauhaus Design, travel, tennis, soccer, writing, history, philosophy, Jungian Psychology, gardening and animal communication.

I have a deeply empathetic heart for all the creatures of the world, and am a spiritual person who likes to explore deep issues. I have been blessed with many positive people who came into my life at pivotal moments to change my trajectory. I only seek to return the favor.