About the Humanistic Group

Welcome to the Humanistic Group.  We specialize in HR consulting, OD and Change, Leadership training, Executive and Holistic Life coaching as well as TEFL certified English teaching experience.  Our expertise provides you with knowledgeable and heart-centered consulting and coaching that is both transformative and essential toward your growth.

The Humanistic Group is an organization that offers a humanistic approach to our endeavors.  What is humanistic?  It is based on humanistic psychology which looks at the individual rather than the group as unique with a holistic approach to coaching.  We use humanistic and positive psychology training to help you unlock your difficulties in a warm, empathetic and insightful session.

Our expert HR Consulting focuses on the individuals in a group to assure that each team member is part of the whole while retaining their unique identity.  We design human resource functions for businesses, take on outsourced HR Projects from corporations, and provide strategic advisory role to Executives in their strategic planning activities around the HR spectrum.

Our Organizational Development and Change Consulting provides leaders with the tools necessary to creates the change they want at their organization while bringing the employees along with corporate objectives.  Organizational Development creates new cohorts of teams, functions and offices which fit seamlessly together to garner the most of change and create a healthier organization in the process.

Our Leadership Training is a unique learning device for employees and clients who want additional training in the modern principle of leadership from some of the great luminaries of the day to past great leaders who helped shape our world.  We are open to leadership coaching for individuals as well as providing Leadership Training to your corporate business teams.

The Executive Coaching, uses positive psychology to drill down to where Executives are stuck in their careers to unearth client built solutions to improving their knowledge, getting a promotion or establishing meaningful relations with their peers and superiors.  We offer one-on-one coaching for several weeks or several months depending upon your goals.

Holistic Life Coaching is about creating the life you always wanted.  The word “holistic’ means the whole person.  We delve into your issues and causes as well as add a spiritual dimension from the universe or a higher being.  It uses the concepts of positive psychology to build a framework of possibility if you are feeling stuck, going through a major life event that asks you to change.  Our holistic approach to self asks probing questions and presents dynamic material to unlock your creativity, purpose in life and hope.

As a TEFL English Teacher, we provide services to the foreign business community and for foreign adults who want to be able to speak, write and read English.  We work one-on-one with individuals all around the globe, but especially in Europe and China in the beginner, intermediate and advanced stages of comprehension.  TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certified along with a Bachelors in English we work as sought after native American dialect speakers to change lives for the better.

The Humanistic Group is here to help you in your human needs in both consulting and coaching with aligned knowledge, expertise and relationships that build your success.