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    Human Resource Consulting

Mark Kines
Founder & CEO, The Humanistic Group

“The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.”
– Lao Tzu

Welcome and thank you for visiting the Humanistic Group’s website.  We are a cutting edge human supported expertise in HR, OD, Leadership, and Coaching.  We lead from the heart in all our activities.  We are available to help you, your corporation, small business, start-up to achieve the success you desire.  We are members of the ICF, OD Network, SHRM, and The San Juan Island Chamber of Commerce.

Our mission is to bring enlightenment and harmony to people and organizations in this challenging world.

We hope you like the look of our new website, a nod to the Bauhaus design where it’s early 20th century promoters made art and architecture available to every person. Our mission picks up on this theme featuring the individual front and center in all of our work. We are dedicated to this aesthetic where our knowledge helps transform everyone it touches.

As you explore the site, take the time to read through all of our portfolio of services to determine the right one for you and contact us for questions.  We are very grateful that you are here.  This is the first step to your success.  Let’s build your life together.